Molly, this is so hard to read, and so very brave to put into words.
Ed Eubanks

Hi Ed,

Thank you for your kind words and support. To answer your question about what my parents could have done, I think they honestly did what they thought was right, and I’m not sure any amount of support they did or didn’t offer would have changed my mind at the time. I was too traumatized and embarrassed to open up to them, especially because I was forced to tell them before I even processed it myself — I wasn’t ready to tell them. The whole situation felt like a violation in and of itself. I wished that my parents could have talked to me separately, maybe. And perhaps that my Mom didn’t ask so many intrusive questions about the act itself — I know she felt that she had to know, but I felt like the spotlight was on me and I just wanted it to go away. She pressed for gory details instead of asking how I felt. I would’ve rather had her knock on my door and not demand to come in — just say that they were here for me if I needed to talk about it any further. I know detachment can be hard for parents, especially with these kind of situations, but my original lack of space from them caused me to feel stifled, and I didn’t really reach out to them at all after that. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but the whole thing is just really difficult to handle — nobody prepares for something like this, especially parents. Honestly, my Mom and Dad were victims of this, too…and that hurts my heart to think about.

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