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I don’t know Charles, I unfortunately do not have the ability to foresee the future— All I know at this point in time is what happened to me. It does seem as if you are attempting to blame me, and/or being a bit judgmental …not only because you implied that my drinking had a big part in it, but because you chose to highlight the fact that it was illegal. If I was 21, would that have changed the circumstances?

Either way, it is definitely not indicative of being “very sorry to hear about my trouble.” You of course have the right to free speech and to respond to my article in any way you please, but I do suggest you brush up on your education concerning rape culture and victim blaming, while you are asking me questions that pertain to my experience. Also, if you are attempting to cast the first stone, I do hope that your past is squeaky clean. Are you perfect? Just wondering.

And SF Ali I’m dissapointed that you recommended this. You can’t support victims while simultaneously recommending ignorant comments that hold them culpable for their victimization. This is confusing to me.

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