I Don’t Know How to be on Medium Right Now.

I don’t want to write about politics — I don’t have the fortitude or mental capacity to deal with trolls, and to be honest I’m not sure what else I can offer as a middle-class white female. I don’t want to argue with people on here, as the little energy I have left I’d like to devote to proactive ways I feel like I can help the cause.

I don’t want to write about myself — I have some pieces I can easily work on and share on here, but I feel selfish doing this, as the world around me is seemingly crumbling into chaos and mutiny.

I don’t want to write about Thanksgiving — Not only because of what the holiday represents historically, but because of the fact that right now as we speak, Native Americans are being tear-gassed in North Dakota. This is not okay.

I don’t want to write about anything other than these three things, because that feels shallow and ignorant. I don’t even want to engage in the comment section right now.

That leaves me with only reading pieces on Medium (which is a viable option) or poetry.