I’m not interested in attention, and I don’t care if you think I’m an asshole.
John Smith

If you believe that rape culture is “nonsense,” you are clearly not worth my time at the moment. I’ve spent three weeks trying to educate people like you and I’m too tired.

After having my Medium article mentioned in a USA Today post, and then see men (who probably haven’t even read my article) have the audacity to sit behind their computer and simply write:

“Having drunk sex and regretting it isn’t rape.”

I’m done. I explained that being pinned down and having a penis shoved inside of you while you cry and protest is still rape, even if you’re drunk, but they keep saying the same thing. Rape doesn’t exist when you’re drunk- Stanford case logic. Troll logic. Ignorant asshole logic.

I’m done playing nice. Read some articles and educate yourself. Not my job anymore.