Molly Hillery, It was a substantial vent session.
Thomas R. Barton, JD

I’m getting my tires fixed, (just add it to the list of things to do!) and your comments are making me laugh out loud in the waiting room. It all sounds a bit silly doesn’t it? I wish I liked jelly on my toast!! I always have extra jelly on hand. (Probably because I don’t prefer it!)

I try to delegate toast-making duties to my husband, but if you can’t already tell, I’m pretty particular about my toast. (Metaphorically and realistically speaking!) Do I give up the stress, or give up the control? Are these things synonymous?

Or I could just get over myself, break out of my routine, and simply put peanut butter on my toast. I like it, I always have it around, AND it spreads easier than regular ol’ butter.

So many life choices to make…

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