I thought David was well reasoned and polite in his response.
Sirous Martel

In no way did I blame society for anything.

I brought up a serious point and perspective that I’m sure he is not even aware of, due to his gender.

Is socialization always the cause for victimization? No. Does it have a huge effect on how women respond to certain interactions with men? Absolutely.

David simplified the problem: “Redirect conversation. Fix the problem. Tell the man to stop.” I simply pointed out that for many women, that is not something they understand, know, or have been socialized to do. It’s not being accusatory or blaming, it’s being sensitive to the experiences of others. Of course redirecting conversation would be a simple task for him- consider the source.

So yes, we are in charge of ourselves, I acknowledged that. We are all adults here. However, a man’s over-generalized perspective of what a woman should do in order to solve her problem, is a point that needs to be addressed. Men are the one doing the oppressing here. Are you a man? Then you will never fully understand. Refusing to admit that there is an obvious imbalance in power is willfully choosing to ignore the problem.

Hey minority groups, stop blaming society for your issues! You’re born alone and you die alone, get over it.

Let’s talk about flippant now.