What will you have me do for the increasing number of nasty and awful stories in this publication
Joel Mwakasege

Joel- How many editors are there? Can you give them the breakdown of what is publish worthy, then you give the final okay? Or have editors keep track of which ones they publish and see if there is a pattern of particular people letting particular stories through? The editors should be people whose judgement you trust.

When I first submitted to Be Yourself, I saw there were some general guidelines. Maybe spruce those up a bit, post them often, and give examples of topics that are/are not welcome?

If it’s just you, then I’d say read a little closer and really think about whether or not you want your publication represented with these types of pieces that are being reported. Do they align with the mission statement of “Be Yourself?” There are other publications for writers to submit to, and you have the right to hold your writers to a high standard if that is what you ultimately seek.

I am sorry for all of this though. You are humble to ask for help from the Medium community rather than pridefully ignore the issue.

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