Meaning in the Mundane {20}: Scaredy cat.
Zelda Pinwheel


If you write, that makes you a writer.

Cliches do NOT make you a writer. Edginess does not make you a writer! If you met me on the street, you’d have NO idea that I’m a writer (Yes, I identify as a writer- only in the past few years though, even though I’ve been writing my entire life). I teach 4 year olds, for goodness sakes. But sometimes… I write about dark shit. We all have those sides to us.

We are all just human beings on here, typing out our feelings and searching for catharsis, connection, and validation. Please don’t get caught up in the politics game of Medium, if that plays any part of this. The comparison game will ruin the integrity of your work. If that is not what’s going on, then forgive me for projecting ☺

If you are scared, that’s okay. That’s normal. But don’t let it deter you from creating your masterpieces- only you can write them.

You are a writer. Don’t forget it! ❤