You have no idea how badly I needed to hear this tonight.
Zelda Pinwheel

Of course you don’t need to apologize for any of it. Not in the least! Gaining notoriety is a double-edged sword that I think is so hard to prepare for. For me personally I couldn’t imagine backlash for sharing my truth, especially because I experienced it and nobody else did.. I think that was part of the reason why I was so shocked to see such things. And the fact that it was on a subject like rape- How could you not be sensitive to that? People have an opinion about everything, and the Internet makes it so easy to just type out terrible shit without having to deal with any negative repercussions. I’ve been published on various mental health websites for a while and have had up to 16,000 shares on one piece, but that audience is SO much softer because the followers are people who have experience or interest in that subject. They were also about depression and eating disorders, which apparently is less controversial than being raped and speaking up about it. I have no clue why it’s that way, I mean there’s a stigma with mental illness as well but I’ve never gotten mean comments about my work.

Anyway I’m digressing. Your work deserves to be recognized and I can totally appreciate the stress you must feel from being catapulted into the spotlight and having a million different opinions thrown at you all at once. And I’m so, so sorry that people have been saying awful things to you directly. That is probably so discouraging. I wish we could we could automatically filter the good comments through before we read the bad ones.

I hope you are able to remind yourself of how you are helping so many people find their voice, too. I always try really hard to pay attention to the positive feedback, otherwise as a writer I would completely crumble. (And I have had those days, too.)

There is something to be said for taking a break, also. You don’t owe anyone any pieces or comments if you decide that you have to focus on self-care. And, I am always here to offer support in any way I can. Writing should offer us catharsis and freedom, not bondage and depression. ❤❤❤❤