Mental health in startups

Thank you James!! I appreciate your efforts to de-stigmatize mental illness and willingness to have difficult discussions in the name of education.

I am a writer for and manager of the blog for a mental health organization called Where I Stand, and our entire focus is prevention, education, and providing support to people who are struggling with many issues you listed. We are soon partnering with other non-profits, expanding our efforts, and becoming a full non-profit ourself. (As you mention, start up can be difficult! We were formed almost 5 years ago but are only gaining attention now) Here is our website:


I also have articles published on a site that may be worth checking out in the sake of education, called the Mighty.


These are both on Facebook as well. Exposure is great, but in talking about mental illness, in my opinion, there can never be enough of it.

These causes are important to me as well, as I have suffered from mental illness since my pre-teen years.

Keep speaking out!! Never stop using your voice, because it’s so important to the cause.