Absolutely not.
David Varley

The thing is, someone has to tell them to shut the fuck up — otherwise they are going to believe that this kind of behavior is acceptable on Medium. They need to hear that it’s not okay to speak to a former victim like this, from a former victim, in order to effectively make the point. The bystander support is great, but the bully is more likely to stop when the one being picked on punches back (for once). I guarantee most of them thought they were going to just spam up my page without another word, hoping I’d ignore it and they could go on their merry asshole way. Not okay.

Plus, I’ve already written that it’s just something I needed to do, for my own reasons. You may not agree with it, but the best way to support me is to trust that I know what I’m doing and that I am okay with the outcome. 🙂 I’ve acquiesed to the wishes of others my entire life — at this point, my autonomy is super important to me.

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