Look, I’m not saying these men didn’t highjack a business hookup and try and turn it into a date.
David Cearley

You’re right…the women most likely felt powerless before that…probably since they were born, maybe?

Maybe because we live in a world where men like that and experiences such as hers should be tolerated, and reacting in ANY sort of way is considered over-dramatic. (As you so demonstrated in your comments).

Pipe down…chill out…let a slimy businessman come on to you but don’t rock the boat…they all send the same message- Oppression, dude. Have you heard of it?

There was a clear power dynamic happening and she probably felt uncomfortable because this man had her in a vulnerable situation where he had substantial power over her- a business dinner is “supposed” to be cordial…everyone knows that. He probably knew that she would try to be polite, despite his advances…which is exactly where he wanted her. He is behaving as a predator, (whether he is or not), and her gut was telling her the right thing.

You coming on here and framing it as if she is just some sort of wounded deer who is being too nervous and flighty is super unfair. He was inappropriate and her repulsion was a natural instinct. And then you deny her right to be uncomfortable and voice it by insinuating she had a history of trauma? Even if she does, who gives a shit? No man is entitled to be inapropriate like that and not be the one blamed for it. You have no idea what it’s like to be put in a situation like that, and tons of other situations just like that, solely because you are a man and not a woman.

Have a little empathy…and if you can’t do that then please keep the ignorance to yourself.