The Ninja Skill for UX Designers

Earning Your Whiteboard Belt

The Whiteboard Design Challenge

Solve a design problem.

On a whiteboard.

In 20 minutes.

In front of others.

Whiteboard challenge: designing a book list feature for university professors using the Amazon API.

Practice Makes Perfect

Quick Tips By Role

Manage time. Be willfully humble in feedback.

Still Want More? Let’s Delve Deeper:

1. Start high level

Ask questions for clarity. Your acumen is revealed in the questions you ask.

2. Who is it for? Move to the persona

Creating a persona provides stakeholders with a reference point when reviewing design decisions.

3. Create the main flows of the design story

The design story addresses the actions a user can take.

4. Work through task flow if given enough time

Task flows inject the user into the process— are there potential conflicts? System requirements? Usability issues?

5. Draw 2-3 wireframes of the user interface

User interface sketching takes the abstract into the concrete.

6. Wrap up by revisiting the persona and design story