Given the app’s young userbase, the rise of ‘thinspirational’ videos — seen by billions — is worrying

Image: Pixabay/Schimdsi and Chris Stokel-Walker

Towards the end of December, TikTok’s content soundtracked by “All I Want For Christmas” was beginning to wane, and videos focused on weight loss goals for the New Year started to appear.

One of the most ubiquitous trends features users creating a “weight loss shake” comprised of cucumber, pineapple, and water. While that might seem like a dangerous concoction even to someone without a background in nutrition, certified nutritionists on TikTok were quick to make split-screen videos outlining just how misguided using the drink as a meal replacement can be.

While there is an increasing number of health professionals using…

YouTube is making changes to how it presents educational content — and edutubers are teaching us how to live today

Image: Unsplash

“We just want to make educational content that’s helpful for as many people as possible,” Hank Green explains in a trailer on Crash Course, the educational YouTube Channel Hank and John Green, of Vlogbrothers (and book writing) fame have run since uploading their first animated videos focusing on world history and chemistry back in 2012.

They’ve now created over twenty different courses (and amassed over 10 million subscribers) ranging from literature to psychology to business, often bringing in hosts with different sets of expertise and audiences to launch a new subject, including recent Crash Course Business — Soft Skills host…

The hot new video sharing app isn’t just teenagers producing memes and miming along to their favorite pop songs

Image: Chris Stokel-Walker

Among the teens creating TikTok videos about the undeniable, bone level differences between freshmen and sophomores, you can find Jenny and Mike Krupa, both 88-years-old, explaining the perks of being octogenarians.

Though the senior citizens’ account (@its_j_dog) is run and scripted by their 19-year-old grandson Skylar (“I knew people really enjoyed watching elderly individuals on social media,” he says), the couple is far from the only people over 21 on this platform often thought of as a strictly Gen Z space. Users in their late 20s, 30s, and beyond are using TikTok just like the kids do, to explain their…

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