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Our work at This Also mostly falls into two categories: product design and product vision. For our product design projects, we work on existing products or platforms and design for near-term launches. We share detailed designs and scrappy prototypes early and often with our client to get the best product to the end consumer.

Product vision work, on the other hand, explores what a product, or a platform, could look like in two to five years. The details are less important than presenting a compelling vision of the future. …

A three-part series on designing and prototyping for TVs and gamepads

Compared to other platforms, designing UIs for television is a relatively young area. TV is also a fundamentally different platform than web or mobile, and requires a unique set of considerations, including screen size and distance, technical constraints, and context of use.

In this three-part series, we dig into the why and how of designing a usable TV interface and provide some tools to get you prototyping your own designs right away.

Part 1

An introduction to the basic ingredients of a TV UI

To start, we discus strategies and principles…

Prototyping the user interface

With Samir Zahran and Michelle Cruz

In Part 1, we dug into the basic ingredients of a TV UI. Now that we have our mockup, we’re ready to start the most important part of the product design process: prototyping.

A successful product is measured by its use, so the sooner we can feel the experience, the more we can refine the final product. This is especially true for television interfaces. We’ll need to test navigation patterns, ensure everything on screen is legible, refine the cursor movement, and make the entire experience feel natural and responsive.

This article will give you…

An introduction to the basic ingredients of a TV UI

Welcome to the new Golden Age of television. Not only is there more great television being produced than ever before, but we also have more choice in how we watch our favorite shows. And while we can access these shows anywhere and anytime through our computers, phones, and tablets, televisions themselves still maintain a special place in the home of many.

But we’re no longer limited to a remote and cable box to control our TVs; we’re using Smart TVs, or streaming from set-top boxes like Roku and Apple TV, or using video game consoles like Xbox and Playstation. …

Molly Lafferty

Design Director @ThisAlso Previously @Hugeinc

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