How I Got Lucky

By Riding The Wave

Ever gotten a tiny sliver of success once and suddenly everyone thought you owed them something?

It happens to me a lot.

I think it’s funny though.

Some just want a golden tip.

Others know for sure I had some kind of ‘secret’, a short-cut or maybe even insider information.

And one ‘friend’ just thinks I’m too lucky to live and too stupid to understand it.

But they all think I should help them to become successful too.

My standard explanation is that it took hard work, patience, skills and stamina.

But that’s not what they want to hear.

They are certain I got lucky and they want some of that luck.

And here comes the plot twist.

They are totally right.

I got lucky.

I happened to catch the right wave at the right moment and rode it like a pro.

That’s all there was to it.

Kind of.

I would have missed that wave if I thought I needed permission to surf.

Or if I didn’t know how to surf.

Or if that day I decided to lay on the couch and watch TV.

Or if I wasn’t in optimal physical and mental shape.

Or if couldn’t swim.

Or if I wasn’t standing on that beach day in and day out while others were partying.

Standing there alone in the cold for years while the ‘smart’ crowd ridicules you, that takes guts.

I hope you get the analogy by now.

My friends and family never got it.

And some are for ever going to ask me how I got that tiny sliver of success.

I’ll tell them the truth: I got lucky.

However now we both know that there was much more to it.

Whenever you see someone being extremely lucky, you should pay attention.

Because what you see is an overnight success, ten years in the making.