Why Ideas Have To Be Dangerous

This Will Upset You

Some opinions are dangerous.

For instance, being a fan of Nickelback

gets you killed in some parts of my town.

But I don’t really get the Nickelback-hate.

I like them.

There, I’ve said it.

By the way,

now you know why I write under an alias.

The world needs dangerous opinions though.

Otherwise nothing would ever change.

Finding out that the earth revolved around the sun,

fired up the scientific revolution.

The idea of ‘no taxation without representation’

turned a small start-up into a huge beast.

The idea of mathematically secure information,

is reshaping the world as we speak.

Every community in history tried to censor

ideas they found subversive.

But they never succeeded in the long term.

And it’s always the individual that pays the

iron price for that in the end.

So don’t ignore the dangerous opinions you hold.

They will save you.

They will make you less confused.

Because the dangerous ideas are always

the ones who wake you up.

And the ideas our community finds harmless,

are actually the dangerous ones.

So ask yourself,

how do you feel about Nickelback now?