Why You Should Be Excited For 2018

30 Minutes Can Change Everything

I’m really grateful right now.

I’m perfectly happy.

In the past, I would have been scared.

Scared to say that out loud.

Scared to jinx my happiness.

Scared was my middle name.

Those days are gone.

I’m shouting it from the roof tops:

Life is is going great.

Take today for instance.

I spent New Year’s Day with my family.

Like millions did.

Not that unusual right?

But it is for me.

In the past, I didn’t like spending time

with my family.

My relations with them were difficult.

My sister and I had a very though upbringing.

I don’t hide that fact.

Our parents were very strict and demanding.

It made us grow apart over the years.

Both of us coped with adversity differently.

But we’re both successful human beings now.

In our own way.

The universe felt the time was right to

repair our relation.

That happened today.

Today I really had a very intense, personal

and honest conversation.

It didn’t even take an hour.

It could even have been only thirty minutes.

But it brought us close again.

Or it was a big first step towards

making us close again.

We both realized how much we have in common.

We both had to be strong and independent.

That made us successful.

For that I would want to forgive my parents.

Without them I wouldn’t have been in this grateful state.

Maybe my sister will be in that state too one day.

Life is unpredictable.

Sometimes nothing happens in ten years.

And sometimes everything happens in thirty minutes.

It made me understand something important.

You should remove negative people out of your life.

That’s what the experts say.

And that’s still true.

But even more important is to honour the positive people

in your life.

The ones who had your back from the start.

My 2018 started with a bang.

Now I’m excited for the next 364 episodes.

I hope you’re too.

And always remember:

be grateful and

forgive everyone.