A High-Level Design Process for Enterprise Customer Service Bots

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It seems everyone is hot for bots these days. Customers are interacting with chatbots that tell them the news, fight traffic tickets, act as personal assistants, and even diagnose medical conditions. Companies large and small are clamoring to create their own chatbots, and customer service — often filled with simple, repetitive queries — is an area where a bot seems to promise a clear return on investment in both speed and scale. But just how easy is it to launch a chatbot?

Salesforce has just announced the summer 2018 launch of Einstein Bots, a bot builder that will leverage the accumulated knowledge of an organization’s Salesforce data via advanced AI and language recognition capabilities. In the process of creating this builder, we’ve spoken with a number of enterprise companies and developers that have implemented bots. We found that most of these companies are essentially charting new territory — chatbots are so new that there aren’t a lot of established best practices. There are tons of resources at the micro level, but we found a lack of high-level, end-to-end process guidance aimed at the special needs of enterprise customers. …


Molly Mahar

Product Designer at Salesforce

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