a prayer during black history month

and for all year round.

last evening, i found this prayer in my notes. i had written it this time, last year, for black history month.

dear lord, God of the universe:

thank you for our richness of being.thank you, lord, for all your vast creation.and more so, for your perfect love, which seeps through the cracks of our humanly imperfection.

I thank you, lord, particularly, for the decadent darkness, which graces us.thank you for rich pigment that permeates beyond skin, to soul.fully known. seen. and immaculately realized.thank you, too, for lightness, brightness, and all the in betweens.

lord, in your perfect image you took pure light and shown it through the prism of your creation.the result: a right range, which bears all shades of your likenesses.

thank you that we are uniquely crafted, yet synchronous in spirit.

finally, lord, help us, today.embolden our world w a love greater than our current consciousness cares imagine: your love, unconditional.and hold us all in your arms, as you prompt us to hold one another.


mm 2.19.15