And then I looked up.

May 2016.

Sometimes life, it just gets you down. It gets all of us, that’s just the truth. In different ways, sure, but we all have some form of down time. I don’t think that it is always a bad thing, no, in fact, I tend to gather a lot of perspective from this time. It comes, as a friend used to call it — ‘in peaks and troughs’, life that is. Where there’s an up, there’s a down. Sure this is true to much in life.

So I was in a period of down, and during this time I took a walk. I left thinking I’d just go to the grocery store and stock up on some ‘feel good’ foods — yeah, you know the kind, ice-cream and the likes. Instead I found myself wandering and wandering, by paths and roadways and grassy fields. I wandered along the river up and down the gentle inclines and declines by the banks of the Sihl. I wandered across bridges and into the meadow. I’d not been here before. The meadow of flowers freshly sprung — yellow, pink, white, daisies, green green grass. It was beautiful. Peaceful. Clouds rolling overhead bringing the sun slowly down to a place of slumber for the night. 
I wandered into a patch of grass, centered in the meadow and gazed up at the hill in front of me. It was being slowly silhouetted. Slowly slowly turned to darkness. I lay and watched the clouds above me. I fully watched everything move above me. I looked up for the first time in a while and I enjoyed what was going on up there. It was moving and changing and unphased by my own life and peaks and troughs.

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