I can’t today.

My daughter, the true love of my life, my entire reason for being, was born with scoliosis. She didn’t have a choice. She didn’t cause it. She simply had the bad luck to be born with it because of her genetics.

She had two horrible, painful, long-recovery surgeries as a kid to fix it. She is a rock, a superstar, the most amazing person I’ve ever known who suffered and thrived through that experience. Her entire back is an intricate contraption of titanium rods and pins and she can’t bend her back so tying her shoes is weird.

Under the AHCA bill passed today, she has a preexisting condition and would be shit out of luck if she hadn’t already had the surgery. The slow death of scoliosis comes when your ever-curving spine starts to crush your internal organs and cut them all off one at a time. Can you imagine your child going through that? Can you imagine sitting there watching them suffer because you couldn’t afford the life-saving surgery? Her first surgery cost almost a million dollars. Let me say that again in case you missed it…


I’ll save my speech on the itemized bill I perused with insane costs for stupid things like a single scalpel for another day. The second surgery wasn’t quite so expensive because it was only about 1/3 of the length of the first part of her spine forever encaged in metal. Total out-of-pocket cost for both surgeries was about $6000. I was a single mom, but a working professional blessed with state health insurance, and I could not have afforded it otherwise.


And with that, here is my point… if you voted for these heartless, selfish, eugenics-loving, cull the poor and the sick and the anything other than white people assholes (who, by the way, included a clause in the bill that exempts their own health insurance from this legislation) who passed this awful, sadistic bill today, FUCK YOU.

Yep, that’s where I’m at on this. You think you’re going to escape this? Just wait until you get sick, or your mom, or your kid, or your sister. Just wait until you get to choose between eating and your health. Just wait until you get to watch people you love suffer because you just couldn’t stand that the black President helped and cared about people. You couldn’t stand that some of those people might get more than you.

Because as Katniss Everdeen says, though in a slightly different context, “if we burn, you burn with us”.