Starting Somewhere: Updating Report Cards to Support Implementation of Eureka Math
Great Minds

Kari, I enjoyed looking at your district’s report cards and guiding principles. It’s so helpful to see how others are tackling similar (wonderful) problems like changing expectations! Your competencies are very easy to understand too! I’m wondering how you assess fluency throughout the year? We typically wait until the 3rd or 4th quarter and use the pattern sheets or other module materials. It must be nice to show the growth towards fluency as the year progresses. Do you use pattern sheets — or did you create your own assessment? Also, how do teachers assess the mathematical practices? Do you use a rubric and analyze student work on the module assessments? Finally, do your teachers use the rubrics in the modules for the standards based report cards? Is your “4” typically “above and beyond” (like state tests) or is it “on grade level”? I really appreciate your insight (or anyone else’s)….this is a great discussion!!