You undermine your article with this statement.
Tristan Copley Smith

This response perfectly encapsulates exactly what this article is crying out against. Assuming people who have different opinions and values than you are poorly informed is so unbelievably patronizing it makes me want to scream. As an HRC supporter, I see Bernie Sanders as a well meaning joke - particularly in light of his Daily News interview. But you don’t see me trolling his facebook pages and articles supporting him telling the the authors that their candidate understands only one issue, and that revolutions have left vacuums allowing violence and tyranny. Because I get that he excites you. The same way that Hillary excites me.

It’s also so typical that the detractors of this article are mostly men. Hey, guys, it’s not your job to change every woman’s mind. Just because you have a penis doesn’t mean you know better than us. This refusal to allow that there is another opinion of your own reeks of Imperialism and insidious sexism.

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