There’s nothing wrong with being selfish

Since when is loving yourself a crime? Selfishness has gotten a bad rep over the years and I’m here to stand up for it. I’ll be the first one to say it: I’m a selfish person.

I enjoy being happy. I don’t want other people to be unhappy and will not do anything on purpose to diminish their chances, but I will choose my own happiness before someone else’s. Yes, I am selfish.

I like having money. I will not work for a penny less than I deserve. I know my worth and I also know you are building a business. Making money for you means making money for me. That’s how selfish I am.

I love my free time. I choose to spend it how I want and with whomever I want. Life is to short to make compromises. I will spend the time I have how I deem fit: whether it is going out, reading a book, watching a TV show or doing nothing. I will not sacrifice this time unless I want to. I’m just selfish that way.

My ideas are what make me as a person. My beliefs, as well. I don’t want to change them in the absence of a convincing, well thought out, scientifically proven argument. I may not even listen, because I’m selfish.

I like to do things my own way because that’s how I feel good about my life. I cannot do something because that’s just how things are or because that’s how it has been done until now. I like to look myself in the mirror and be content with my decisions. I put myself first, because I don’t think that’s wrong. That’s what selfish people do.

Yes, this all may seem pretty horrible, but it’s not. Not really. Sometimes you just need to be a little selfish.

It means looking out for yourself, when no one else will. It means accepting yourself, the way you are and not changing that for anyone or anything. It means doing this in your own pace. Believing in yourself and trusting yourself.

It also means not giving a crap about what other’s do or say. It’s quite eliberating, believe you me!