StrictlyVC — Connie Loizos editor at TechCrunch

AVC — Fred Wison at USV

Tomasz Tunguz — VC at Repoint, Research

A16z — News

Garysguide — VC Jobs + Events

All Raise — Female VC Newsletter + VC Jobs

SheWorx — Female Tech VC Newsletter + Events

John Gannon — VC Jobs

Charlie O’Donnell — Events

NVCA SmartBrief — National Venture Capital Association, News + Research Reports

Manhattan Venture Research — Research Reports

TechCrunch — News

VentureBeat — News

Pitchbook — News + Research Reports

Axios — News

Recode Daily — News

Bloomberg Technology — News

CB Insights —…

Below is a list of links for startup growth metric resources

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A16z: 16 Metrics

NPS: Net Promoter Score

CAC: Customer Acquisition Cost

Ro DTC Metrics

Payback Period

LTV: Lifetime Value

K-Factor: K-Factor or Viral Coefficient measures how many new, secondary users, an individual new user helps to acquire over their lifetime


Growth Rate


Startup Valuation

IRR: Internal Rate of Return

SAFE Financings

Convertible Notes

Fund Platform Resources:

AngelList Investing Insights

Bessemer Venture Partners Atlas

Bloomberg Beta Criteria for Investing

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Investing in the Future of Living Well with Trail Mix Ventures. Big fan of lists.

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