I almost do

Prompt: Using nothing but a single still image, write an entire scene based around it as if it was a still frame from a film. Notice how no matter whose story you are looking at, it is only your story you’re seeing and telling.

I’m sitting on the windowsill watching dew collect on the pane. Every so often a raindrop falls from the sky, landing heavy on the glass, sending river races down, down, down…

And I watch from my perch, hugging my knees, paralyzed in time, listening to the gentle pitter-patter start to slow.

Somewhere across town is he watching the same sky? Do you see what I see? I want to ask him. I almost do.

It’s like the sun is peeking out over a cloud that is so terribly tired of crying.

I sit. I wait. I almost do. But I don’t.

The morning is now fully aglow and I’m not sure how much time has passed. How long have I been sitting here wishing each drop were a reason to text him?

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