The words we wear

Prompt: Why do you write? What comes up first? If you couldn’t write, what’s the second best thing you would attempt in order to express yourself to the fullest?

If I could not write, I’d wear my words like clothes. Layers and layers wrapped round my body. Subject to change with the wind; I’d bundle up in the words and cool off with them too.

I’d let the words touch my skin like delicate lace. I’d let them teem down my spine like silk. They would also itch and scratch and prickle. At times the words hurt. They’re too tight. They poke and prod my insides.

I’d strip down to nothing, scared. Revealed are the parts of me I tried to cover. Reflect. React. Quick, pull the words close!

They’re dressing me up again — I’ve found the right strand to make me feel whole.