Having 10,000 followers doesn’t make you cool, sorry

Do you really know 10,000 people?

Could you tell me that all of those 10,000 people give a shit about you?

Before you answer that, I seriously doubt that they do. And they don’t matter. However, if you answered yes to that then you’re probably just another narcissistic asshole. Or, you’re famous. But in that case, the people who follow you are probably just obsessed with you in a creepy way.

I’m talking to those who have that many followers or even more, and you’re just a normal person. It makes me sad to see people actually care about losing followers or not getting enough likes on their pictures. I understand that we all look for recognition in life, that’s just a part of being human. But, for some reason, our society has made it okay for people to only look for recognition through their social media pages. And when it’s not there, they feel left out, feel bad about themselves, or compare themselves to other people on social media.

If you were take the person who has 10,000 followers and throw their phone in the toilet they would probably hate you. Well, first they would cry then open up their MacBook or iPad and sign in to all of their social media pages to make sure they weren’t missing out on any new post or lost any followers after not posting for a whole one day.

As human beings and people, our hunger for appreciation, appraisal, recognition, and love from other people is normal. We look for those things from our friends, family, and intimate relationships. However, nowadays, those who are avid users of social media can easily slip into a habit of looking for those things and defining their self-worth from social media. Social media is an easy way to share your life, voice your opinions, or show off your best self, and we get quick, immediate responses and satisfaction from it.

I think we can all agree that is somewhat true; more true for some people than others. But, this habit gets dangerous and harmful when we start to rely exclusively on social media ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ to get our appraisal and recognition. We begin to define our self-worth on how much we are liked over social media.

However, once this is not enough for those who define their self-worth through social media, when you don’t get enough ‘likes’ on your posts or lose ‘followers’, you feel bad about yourself. You compare yourself to others. You wonder why you can’t be like that one person that has thousands of followers and gets thousands of likes on their pictures.

I’ve felt this way before, to an extent, and I strongly believe many others can relate to this feeling.

So, I’m not bashing on people who have 10,000 followers (not that bad anyways). I’m not saying they should not have that many followers. But, what I’m trying to point out is to never rely solely on social media, the amount of ‘followers’ you have, or the amount of ‘likes’ you get, to feel good about yourself and your life.

Social media can be fun. You can share your experiences via social media. You can make it a positive thing to have, but don’t look for your self-worth by winning the likes and followers of social media. Having thousands of followers doesn’t make you cool. Having that many followers doesn’t make you better than anyone else. The number of ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ does not and will not define who you are as a human being.