13 Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs

Frankenstein teaches you to acknowledge the responsibilities and dangers of unleashing a new creation, product, or idea into the world.

The Road helps you to better fully understand what it’s like when you work on something that have the least chances of ever being finished.

Republic because you must learn to have an openly respectful discussion, as well as, how to think and reflect on ideas.

The Upside of Stress because it taught me on how to deal with the everlasting torrent of stress you’ll experience.

Moby Dick to realize how high-priced and easy it is to pursue the most wicked thing.

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers Since you are creating ideas and products for humans, you should also consider what humans truly are.

Lying to understand why it is so essential to be straightforward and loyal.

Maps of Imagination to master the art of storytelling.

The Myth of Sisyphus to acknowledge what it’s like being in depth with your works.

Ender’s Game to teach you the value of being merciless.

On Liberty to realize why everyone’s belief and perspective matters, even to those you disagree with.

Sapiens to acknowledge the efficiency of human order.

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