Unlock Excel File Without Password — Excel Password Recovery

Many users would like to Password Protect Microsoft Office to keep information secure. Likewise, Excel allows you password protect your workboos, worksheets as well as spreadsheets so that protect your privacy from be leaking. However, Excel doesn’t store passwords where you or Microsoft can check it up. If you accidently forget, lose and misplace your password, how to unlock excel file locked for reading? Microsoft doesn’t offer any solution for users to unlock protected excel file without password. For now, you have to resort to third-party Excel password remover. Excel Password Recovery can help you remove password from protected Excel files with online password remove service and powerful brute force attacks.

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How to Crack Protected Microsoft Excel Files (Spreadsheets/Workbook) One by One?

No matter how complex and long the locked files password are, Excel Password Recovery can unprotect excel for able read and edition. This mode supports to remove password from Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007,etc individually. If you want to one-off crack all password-protected files, please move to next part.

1. Download and install the program on your computer following the wizard. Start it and click Excel Password Recovery from the interface.

2. Firstly click Browse to import your locked files. Then you can choose any one crack mode to unlock excel file locked for reading easily. Lastly, click Recover on the bottom to finish.

Brute-force Attack: If you cannot remember any clue about password, this mode will check all characters one by one to recover Excel file’s password.

Brute-force with Mask Attack: If you can remember any clue about password, this mode will take less time to recover password.

Dictionary Attack: If you have a password dictionary already, please you can import it to unlock excel files. This mode maximally ensures the success rate.

How Remove All Password-Locked Excel Files (Spreadsheets/Workbook) One-off?

Encrypted File Searcher, one of powerful features its equipped with, allows users to scan out all excel files stored in one same location and one-click remove password from excel files, which can be truly time-saving and efficient.

1. Run the program and click Encrypted File Searcher in the interface.

2. Here are two Scan Types you can choose. Then specify location that stored your protected files. Click Scan to go forward.

3. All the excel files are listed here. Surely, you can tick Only show the encrypted file in the lower-left corner to check protected files separately. Then select file from the list and right click it. Click Recover Password.

Go to download the free Excel password cracker and have it a try. If you have any question, please leave it under the comment section.