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1,000 Bees Delay American Airlines Flight in Dallas/Fort Worth

The travelers on a flight in Dallas/Fort Worth were sent into a deep commotion when over 1,000 bees were found inside an America Airlines airplane cabin, just before takeoff. The queen bee flew into the jet’s wing and had a large following, according to the flight’s captain. American Airlines won’t release a formal statement on the situation, but experts did come in to contain the bee problem and remove them as quick as possible.

An Australian Chicken Restaurant Has a Live Chicken Running Its Twitter

Tweeting has been taken to a whole new level by an Australian fast food restaurant who is allowing a chicken to run their Twitter account. Her name is Betty, and Chicken Treat thought it would be a good marketing tactic amidst the social media buzz. Betty has been tweeting from her coop, but almost every message is nonsensical, which seems to be working against the company rather than for them.

Rat Takes Down Pigeon on New York City Sidewalk

Of all the face-offs popping up on the web about celebrities, presidential candidate and so forth, this has to be the strangest yet. Just the other day, a video was captured of a rat and pigeon fight on the sidewalk of NYC. The video quickly became viral and now has over a million hits on YouTube.

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