Quake Champions FPS Unlock Patch, Fix FPS

Quake Champions low FPS Fix

Patch Fix — Quake Champions FPS Patch

1) Follow the link
2) Run the patch installation
3) Start the game

Fix graphic lags, low fps in Quake Champions pc

The story of the game Quake Champions:
Now, here too there are heroes
The main innovation relative to Quake 3 (Quake 4 and Enemy Territory are not taken into account, they are good, but too… others) that there were heroes and skills. The division into classes was not so severe as in the Overwatch, where each has one gun and lots of skill. Champions use any weapon that will be able to find on the map, just in addition, each character has a nice bonus that can help in the battle and partly to change the style of the fight.

How To Increase FPS in Quake Champions

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