TRON Birds

We have worked hard to create our new cryptogame. However, Ethereum network could not provide necessary functions, so our project moves to the TRON network! TRON network provides high speed and low cost transactions which were main goals of blockchain.

TRON Birds is a gaming platform that runs on cryptocurrency, hence is powered by a smart contract with multi-level bonus system. In TRON Birds users can trade and breed their Birds, as well as partake in numerous mini-games and uplevel their faves!

Quick guide to you folks about TRON Birds features.


The ecosystem is built on the hierarchy of 7 levels, with each one getting more advanced, rare, and valuable in descending order. Each next level is vastly different from the previous one. You will be blown away (we definitely were)!

Expand your own feathery family by breeding the Birds and receiving the cutest cheepers! The TRON Birds ecosystem is open to welcome new members.


In TRON Birds, the Birds don’t just circulate from one owner to another. Users are the ones who play the key part in evolving and expanding the system. As a player, you have a chance to participate in creating the ecosystem by breeding your Birds. The ‘newborn’ cheepers will be the newest additions to the family.

Breeding requires two Birds. You can own either one or both of them. The youngling will gather both its’ parents’ genes, so you can consider breeding as a means of receiving a more advanced creature into your collection. We suggest you do some research when choosing a partner.

Magic Number

The very special numbers are each Bird’s personal code with 51 digits in it. These digits compile every trait, feature and ability of a pet. The code is (figuratively) split into blocks, and each block of digits corresponds with a certain feature of a Bird. Like, extra fast? It’s in the code. Multicoloured wings? It’s in the code. Fluffy paws? You get the idea, it’s all in the code.

When it comes to upgrading, helping your pet to become the most advanced version of itself equals to achieving the optimal code.

Magic Plate

Besides that, each Bird can and must be upgraded. Upgraded??

Yes. You can place four birds of the same level on Magic Plate and get one pet with a higher level. So you can buy or breed four birds of the same level and get something more expensive and valuable.

Go to the top with any level!

Rest assured you will be very surprised by how much your pet will have changed.


Everyone in TRON Birds game has chance to buy or build his own town.

Invite new tenants, collect taxes and create your own ecosystem. You need to collect 50 species or join to existing town to start this journey. Hosts of town has many ways to interact and hold their residents

It is a great chance for everyone to be a mayor.

Here are 4 towns available from start, each town has own conditions of growth. You can travel between these towns at any moment.

Unique Birds

There will be available 150 unique Birds with super rare gene and special unique possibilities. Increase your chance of victory with your own unique pet. Each unique pet has it’s own possibilities and gives to it’s hosts some perks. Definitely, it will give advantage over other player, but not over other unique birds or even towns.


Moving along, it is well worth noting that the TRON Birds market is self-regulated. We put all the effort to keep the system from overpopulating. The main solutions we chose to implement are increasing the breeding fee and the cooldown period.

These moves make sure that no Bird loses its value due to the fact that there are simply too much of them. In TRON Birds, every asset is important so one cannot purchase or breed a Bird at a giveaway price.


Molotov Lab is working hard on the TRON Birds project, paying all the attention to details in order to offer you the best end product we can.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to start this journey!

Look out for MORE in next articles.

With love,

TRON Birds Team





Molotov Lab