Interacting with Humans: The baseline

Mario Novak
2 min readOct 19, 2022


Source: Star Trek Discovery

The first thing one has to discover is the baseline of a man.

What makes one tickle, how does one react to a basic set of challenges. That allows us to extrapolate future behavior to a certain degree.

If one says:

“This is the best thing ever!"

Our first move is to determine or fetch stored info about the person — to figure our how trustworthy is one and what “best” means for that person.

And if it’s pointed towards us : how that person thinks about us, and how does that morph meaning of the initial statement.

This is always at the core of any interaction.

Knowing the baseline.

From that we spring further.

That’s why doing the same things (education, religion, …) brings more knowledge on how to compare with others and to know what to expect from each other.

If we don’t do what others do they cannot know what we are. Therefore, they think we pose a threat to them, as we are the "unknown". And… "Unknown", for humans, is the worst thing one could serve.

So, our human instinct is to get everyone on the same baseline, especially from the get go, from smallest steps (education, religion, …), to be able to predict to a great degree how safe is to be around us.

Evolution. Biology. Logic.

Whatever it is.

It is — inside of us.



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