Unbridled Loyalty: The Sensual Diary of James Comey

An excerpt from the un-erotic fanfiction

“Surely, he would ask to be involved in my ongoing probe”
It was January 27th and I was finishing up a rather sad desk lunch of tuna salad and crackers when he called me up on the phone. I coyly waited for the third ring and pretended to be in the middle of an important investigation, but between you and I and the American people I was eager to keep Donald J Trump baited on the line.
He whispered an incoherent string of words and paused, searching for something more to say. I waited breathlessly and then I heard it. “We should have dinner,” he said, not so much asking me but telling me. “Tonight at six” he added before asking one of his aides how to hang up the phone. We were to meet in the green room.
I liked it when he was direct.
I hung up, suddenly awakened by our plans to meet. What would tonight bring? I played a fantasy scenario over in my head, one where we stood alone in the oval office, the mood lighting illuminating his one tuft of hair. He rises on tippy-toe to pull the navy blazer off my gargantuan frame, tossing it with abandon on the couch that Kellyanne Conway had once put her nasty bare Skeletor-feet on. His beady eyes would plead with me to “lift the cloud.”
Surely, he would ask to be involved in my ongoing probe, but in this cat and mouse game it would be I, Jim Comey who would decide if that was something I would want to share with him.
I went home early to pick out a tie. Burgundy would certainly send him a message that I was willing to play this game.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2, “A Good Guy.”

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Morgan S is a writer that really does take this FBI thing seriously and currently feels very disgusted with herself. She has always lived in Brooklyn and definitely has a complex about it. She likes the idea of cats, but doesn’t have any.