Bored at Work? Here are 11 Acts to Embrace your Free Hours

Momal Tahir
May 5 · 6 min read

I know the title sounds weird because by the office we all mean working restlessly without even looking at the time.

However, getting bored at your workplace is normal, there’s no need to feel negative about it. Consider it a blessing and learn to embrace it.

If you’ve no clue how to pass your leisure time in office, this blog will help you out.

1. Review your Milestones

It’s been a long time you are working with a company and you didn’t get a second to review your past projects.

Since tracking your performance gives a feeling of accomplishment so it’s a good time to take out your first project and compare it to the latest one. Analyze it in-depth and see how much you have improved by the time. List down your milestones and feel proud that you have made it out.

This small activity will not only energize your mood but will also motivate you to do more. Furthermore, it will help you to ask for a raise or promotion and help in your self-assessment by the year-end.

2. Mark your Calendars for Gazetted Holidays

Holidays are fun, people mark calendars for the holidays when the year start. But if you haven’t done this activity yet, you can avail office free hours for it.

Check if holidays are coming in weekdays and how much time you’ll get to relax and spend with family. Plan your holidays and double the fun of it by making trips to the beaches, restaurants or making it with your loved ones.

This is also my favourite activity because I’m always excited about the holidays and wait for it. I got some time to read books, I can manage home chores and I can hang out with my family and friends. There’s a lot in my to-do list for holidays.

3. Listen to some Stress-Free Music

Music is soothing, it makes up your mood especially when you’re tired. Plug in your headphones, play your favourite song and enjoy.

In my case, I love listening to nursery rhymes and my favorite one nowadays is ‘Baby Shark’. Try it!

4. Declutter your Workspace

While working with dedicated attention, we forgot that our desks are becoming a mess.

You may be neglecting the mess on your desk but your colleagues would be noticing and making impressions with it. So, when you don’t have any other work to do, you can spend some time tidying up your desk.

Remove the extra junks, place the stationary in the holder, remove the tissues, set up the things, clean your laptop screen and free up space. This will be good for your mind and will add in reflecting your thoughts with creative ideas.

5. Rearrange Documents in your PC

We all work randomly sometimes keeping the documents on the desktop, sometimes under ‘My Documents’, sometimes in ‘My Pictures’ and most of the times our desktop is crowded till the edge. A loaded desktop seems unpleasant and doesn’t contribute to a good image whereas if your documents are arranged and synchronized, you’ll know where to look for the files.

I’ll also recommend you to upload your data on Google Drive in case if your PC runs on an error, you’ll have the data available on the cloud.

In my case, I write all my blogs on google docs and save the files separately on my folder. So if my windows go nuts, I’ll still havethe files on G suite.

6. Use Office Gym

Small workouts are the best way to charge your muscles and energize your day. Those who sit for 8–10 hours continuously in the office, I’d recommend them to workout daily because it’s essential for your body.

If you are lucky to have some free time, shed your stress in the gym and revitalize your spirit.

7. Track your Finances

We all work to earn and as soon as the salary comes, we don’t know where it went. So, in your free time, you can track your spending and see how much are you saving for the rainy day. If you have zero savings then it’s high time you should start thinking of it.

Remember half a loaf is better than no bread

8. Read and Learn

Your free time in the office is not a curse but a blessing. If you think like “It’s a great time to steer productivity” instead of “I’m so bored you’ll start utilizing it for good. Add a sticky note on your desktop and list the names of the book you want to read and courses you should take.

I’ve started my Hubspot content marketing training and reading “Everybody Writes” to know the ins and outs of content writing and marketing.

9. Interact with your Colleagues and Say Thank You

Talk to your colleagues and say thank you to the ones who have helped you grow. It will help you in knowing and strengthening the bond between each other.

The feeling of gratitude is powerful so keep empowering the people around you.

10. Walk Around the Office

Right before sitting down to write this blog, I brainstorm the ideas during a quick jaunt at the office. It was like an energy booster.

It’s no secret that walking either for 10 mins or taking 20 mins walking break is good for health and helps in passing time.

Not only this but it will also help you to explore your office and notice the new changes in the surroundings. And meanwhile, you walk you’ll get a chance to interact with your colleague.

11. Write or Help People Around

I usually write in my free time on Quora by giving answers to the questions. That’s a great place to learn, explore and share knowledge. Million of users ask for recommendations for essay writing services, career growth, work-life balance and many more. Choose a topic of your interest and answer.

If not Quora, you can journal your thoughts on a diary. Be it a note on you, or the things you love, or you’re stressed about something. Try writing and you’ll feel a lift in your mood.

Momal Tahir

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Seeking the path to goodness & wellness.

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