Workout 82 / 25.05.2017

Kinda a sub average 6min/km running. Again I took the road to Yuzhen park, made one lap and went back, this time on the opposite direction. Four runs in a week is something that I haven’t done in a while. Although they were not quality runs at all, at least is some step back in the track. I still struggle with the discipline. Instead of running in early morning I went out in the early after afternoon. Again I hit the Lactate threshold and decided to read more about it, but I’m quite not aware exactly what does it mean. I decided to do again only 7.5k not only out of laziness, but also to have gradual increase in the workout, like starting from scratch. I think that I have a good background, so maybe next week 9k will be good and next I can do 10k, and the one afterwards I think that I can go back to 15k long run and lean back to 80 kilos.

In the mind perspective I was thinking for utilization of some algorithm that could schedule my personal life properly. Reacquiring call to family, yoga classes, reading for the PMP course, etc. If not properly at least to put the activities in the daily plan for me and to allow me to shuffle them, and to track if I’m really doing them.

At the same time I’m listening to the Judaism Unbound podcast, which I found recently and it is awesome. Interviews are with really interesting people and they are sharing really good stories or better good success stories. I think that this is going to be my new favorite podcast. Worth mentioning that JCC is something like the jewish equivalent of YMCA and people really enjoy it and it is helpful the local communities.

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