All About Health And Development of 10 month Old Baby

Once your baby is a 10 months old baby, he is going to be uncontrollable and you will have to be extra careful with him. You should not expect him staying at one place for a longer duration. You will see him a baby with a special interest in exploring as many places and unknown things as possible. Actually, this is going to be the month of friendship.

By the time your baby turns to a 10 months old baby, he will automatically develop a special kind of love for freedom and self-dependence. You will see him exploring his surrounding without anyone’s help. At this age, your baby will crawl and when they get a hold of something, they can stand up or walk. You will witness an increased level of energy in him while playing. So, be prepared for some physical activity.

From a 10 months old baby, you can expect a lot of coordination improvements. Unlike earlier months, a 10th months baby will be able to lift and pick up small objects without any trouble. Again, you need to be very careful and you should hide every risky object that can be swallowed.

At this age, babies figure out how to fit a larger object into a smaller one.

So, with a motive of keeping my daughter busy and happy, I used to give her blocks and plastic mugs of different sizes.