Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry — Used and Reviewed

About baby teethers, there are mixed opinions. Some say, you should never give things like pacifiers and teether like things to your baby because they are not made of safe materials, whereas many others believe that top brand manufacturers are very much concerned with the product quality. Whether you want to give it to your baby or not, is your personal choice. However, through this article, I would like to talk about Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry. I had purchased one for my baby and today I am going to review it.

Things I Liked In Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry


I really liked the see-through packing of this product. Every special care was taken to make sure that product is safe from any contamination or poor-handling.

Unlike other baby products that come in a box like packing where you can open the packing and check the product with your bare hands, this product is packed in a way that only the buyer can touch it. Hence, you or your baby will be the first one to touch this product.

Color Combination and Design

I really liked the color combination (red and green). Unlike other multicolored (chemicals) teethers that are available for a reasonably lower price, this teether is made of two colors and looks like a strawberry with a long petal.

The design of the strawberry successfully stimulates muscles of the lips, tongue, and cheeks. The product is very lightweight.

The design of the petal ensures that it reaches back molars without causing any incident of chocking. And, length of the petal ensures a perfect grip.

The overall design of the product improve baby’s hand-eye coordination.


This product is dishwasher safe and you can even wash it with mild soap and water before every use. If you have a sterilizer at home, you can sterilize it for better hygiene. Although sterilization is not much required.

Moreover, Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry is BPA, Phthalate-, PVC, and Lead-free. So, no harm in giving this teether.


In terms of safety, this is a perfect teether. As I mentioned earlier, the product is designed to make sure that there are no choking incidents. In addition, the edges of Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry are also not sharp.

Best For Gum Soothing

Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry is best for gum soothing.

After using this, you can expect that your baby won’t be putting other things or toys in the mouth to comfy his sore gums.

Things I Disliked


Although the manufacturers claim that this product is best for babies older than 4 months. However, I think for babies of four months, the size of Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry is big, hence, of no use other than playing with it. It is suitable for 6+ months babies.

Besides, some people say teethers leave colors. But, I had no such experience. In addition, I would like to suggest that please do not give teether right after feeding your baby because this can cause vomiting.

What were your experiences with a teether? Please share with our readers.

Originally published at on October 26, 2017.

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