Is That Really a Choice?

Selfish is the new selfless. Or vice versa.

If you are convinced that out of the two bottles, one is poison and the other pure water, and you are to choose between the two, is that really a choice?

The I wants to serve itself. I is selfish. I am selfish.

But always worrying about yourself doesn't help in the long run. And I is in it for the long run.

I realize that I can only get stronger, be at peace and have more meaning in my life, if I help others get stronger, be at peace and have more meaning in their lives.

So here is a serious contender for one of the most effective recursive arguments:

To really, truly benefit myself, I need to really, truly benefit others. To be really self serving, I need to be serving others.

If I have to choose myself, I must choose others. If I want my happiness, I must put the happiness of others before my own.

To choose freely between the two, the best option is to believe you have no choice at all. If you are to choose between yourself and others, is that really a choice?

The Truly Selfish / The Truly Selfless

It is my contention that truly “selfish” are the most selfless. They have understood the true nature of self, and understood that to really uplift themselves, they _have_ to uplift others. They do it by choice, but it is not really a choice anymore.

What do you think?

**Definitely a work in progress**

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