Mo'men Basel
May 16, 2019 · 3 min read

from parameter pollution to XSS


I’m going to talk about XSS I found on a website.

I noticed that on clicking on any link on the main page it will redirect the user to a page to make sure that the user is aware that this will redirect him/her to another website. the URL looks like this: <redacted>/intersticial.aspx?dest=

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once click aceptar you will be redirected

I tried editing the to javascript:alert(1) but it didn’t work as the URL must match the whitelisted sites. then I tried to redirect to /intersticial.aspx?dest=javascript:// and opened the chome devtools

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javascript parameter accepted as a scheme

I concluded that the parameter accepts any scheme but a whitelisted website must be added to the scheme.


/intersticial.aspx?dest=data:// → Accepted

/intersticial.aspx?dest= → not Accepted

I tried to think for a way to write javascript and the URL together and get the javascript run.

I tried to add %0a%0d which adds a newline but redirected to a forbidden page.

I started thinking of adding the whitelisted website as a variable then add a semicolon which terminates javascript line but the website doesn’t accept adding a semicolon to this parameter and redirects me to the homepage instead as the URL must be after the scheme directly not after var

I tried to enter javascript:/ as a value of parameter “dest” and found out that parameter not only accepts schemes like(http://, ftp://) but also accept http:/ and javascript:/.

after that Regex immediately came to my thought for those who don’t know about regex it is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern and can be used at almost any programming language.


then website refused the request as it includes a semicolon and I want to put anything to separate this two valid javascript statement to be able to execute JS. then I tried to add another parameter with the same name “dest “

so the URL became


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Then I noticed that there is a comma added to the URL then added an alert function on the second parameter value and once I clicked acceptar

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Voilà!, XSS confirmed.

the final URL: <redacted>intersticial.aspx?dest=javascript:/


may HTTP parameter pollution don’t lead to serious harm but can help on a bypass that may reach you to P1 or P2 vulnerability. if you find that a parameter accepts redirect to javascript:// then you should never lose hope and keep searching!

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