Autonomous insight Generator series6

Tool no :6

Be peace with you in whatever circumstances

Although it does look easy to read it, but its not ,What if some one comes and gets angry on you , I am sure you wanna react right , you wanna cut the person’s head if he tries to say something to you ,no Hahaha ,we all have these phases,where we no longer can even tolerate other’s existence, don’t wory,even some ones hate you too equally feelings are mutual ,here are some tips to be peace in no matter what

1.pray ( the best thing is to submit yourself to creator , He knows what is going on in your mind) so ask Him for help

2.journaling ( train your mind whether to be neutral or positive) for goodness sake ,don’t be negative ,and don’t give some one else to manipulate and control your mind

3.Meditation ( its best gift one can give to yourself) every day and life time, challenges will be there

4.stop complaining and take control of your emotions ,( you should learn about emotional maturity ) reading and getting wisdom from people who are ahead of us in getting fulfillment