Our Story

Moments of Space
3 min readJun 17, 2022

Who We Are

Moments of Space is an evolving collective of creatives, explorers, and engineers on a mission to unlock new ways of powering awakening and increasing presence in daily life. We are a tech-led community exploring new frontiers to help make regular meditation a reality for you and globally for us all. We foster open and collaborative communities, content, and platforms that embrace evolving technological advancements to help us all take better care of our minds so we can make the world of the future a more positive, peaceful, and productive place for us all.

Where We Are Going

Our mission is to develop boundary-pushing platforms that encourage and incentivise regular meditation so you can reclaim your most precious commodity — your attention — and achieve peak mental focus, develop more resilience and grounding, and find more stillness amid the busyness. Are you living a high-pressure, fast-paced life with high-stakes and quick acceleration? We want to make it easier for you to fit meditation into your days without you having to change the way you live them. We want to expand the horizons of how, when, where, and with whom you meditate by creating open, collective content platforms that empower you to build better, more maintainable habits, so you can feel and perform at your best.

What We Want To Do On The Way

Improve individual health for collective gain to support a greater global awakening

Become a decentralised, community-centric driving force in a tech revolution that enhances oneness, unity, and collaboration

Pioneer a ‘Meditate to Co-Own’ revolution which distributes wealth, shares voice and value, rewards contributions, and incentivises development.

Become an open-source community of collaborators and harness the multiplier effect created when individuals unite around a shared intention

Embed our ethics and values into every step to create real positive progress, focusing on cooperation rather than corporation

Continuously and creatively innovate to ensure we remain accessible, reliable, and relevant in whatever form the future takes

Why We Need This Now

In an age where we are continually bombarded with doing and distraction, we advocate and offer moments of introspective inner stillness. We believe that better knowing ourselves and our habitual mental and energetic patterns lets us remain active and productive while feeling more focused, stable, and able. At the heart of it, we are all united by the same core desires: to seek deeper connections, activate enhanced performance, be our best and most authentic selves, and create a life filled with more meaning, stability, and ease. At Moments of Space, we know that to achieve these goals, we must first return to the essence of these qualities within ourselves so we can let the recognition of them impact how we operate and show up in our communities, however far they span. Meditation offers us tools to feel less frazzled, reactive, and drained while revealing the simplicity of simply being for a moment. Our hope is to enable you to contribute to meaningful individual and collective change while feeling and operating at your peak.

We hope you will join our journey, whether collaboratively, in spirit or support, or simply by letting us help you find more Moments of Space.