When Black people struggled to penetrate media of any kind, any representation was historic — but we need more from our art

“Black people love to see Black folks winning, yet we are reluctant to unpack what qualifies as a win. If you don’t look at the data too closely, you might be convinced that a respectable level of representation has been achieved. Many of the TV series and movies that have come out in the past few years seem to have gotten the memo. And yet, in 2017, fewer than 20% of lead film actors were people of color. There are more Black directors now than perhaps ever before, but in a field that multiplies exponentially on a daily basis with…

Black voters took control of the state in the recent Senate elections. Now the backlash has arrived.

“This is how whiteness fights back. Not through fair elections or reimagined policies that work best for the most people, but through anti-Blackness. Violence. Misinformation. Authoritarianism. It’s been the recipe for suppression for so long that it’s as exhausting as it is painful. This is how the rest of the South maintained its redness despite the actual makeup of its states’ respective populations. This is how they think they will win.

But if these last few months — and the decades and centuries that preceded them — have shown us, it’s that we will always find a way to overcome…

Society focuses on one thing, but I see all the intersections

“I’m a radio producer. I’m a stand-up comic. I’m an aunt, sister, and friend. But lately, it feels as though my identity as a Black transgender woman is all anyone can think about.

I knew coming out as a Black trans woman wouldn’t be easy. Three years ago, the world had to say goodbye to the child my parents raised. I was named after my dad, and Sherm was the shorthand version, which I kept. I chose a new first name, Morgan, because it is beautiful and bold. Selecting a name, however, was one of the easier parts of my…

Living between my Nigerian and African American identities

“How could I have forgotten the “I” for my Nigerian name? Omitting the Nigerian parts of my identity was something I’d mastered in childhood and adolescence. I was certain that…

I thought long and hard about it, but I’m here to prove that it’s not that bad

“The bottom line is that everyone has to make the best decision for themselves when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccine. I feel that it’s imperative to share my experience as a Black man because of the stigma surrounding vaccines in our community. If you think this vaccine could be more helpful than harmful, I would advise you to get it.

We have an accessible tool that can fight against our generation’s biggest pandemic — we should utilize it to better our quality of life.” — Tony Jones, M.A.

Read Jones’ story in its entirety below.

Navigating aftershocks is tricky at non-diverse companies

“No matter the reason, it’s tough to see colleagues leave for greener pastures, especially the ones who are part of your daily routine. Even teammates you think of as acquaintances…

Your curiosity does not take precedence over another person’s comfort

“Recently, a friend of mine asked me why people of color often get defensive when White people ask where they are from. She had a new friend whose heritage she was unsure of. She genuinely wanted to learn more about him and asked where he was from. Her question led to a disagreement, hurt feelings, and offense on both sides.

For people who don’t fit the stereotypical social expectations of an American identity — whether because of their skin color, accent, or any number of factors — this question can come up a lot.” — Bridgette L. Hylton

Read Hylton’s…

‘Vaccine hunters are the result of short supply, disorganization, inadequate sign-up systems, dire circumstances, and crowded hospitals’

“Thousands of Americans are now part of the “vaccine hunter” phenomenon, an online movement of people trading intel about where, when, and how to get vaccinated. Some are motivated by what they feel is a lethargic vaccine rollout effort. Others are driven by reports that hundreds, if not thousands of untouched doses have been thrown away since vaccination began last December. These groups have joined an effort to bring vaccines to those facing innumerable accessibility hurdles such as unequal access to technology, language barriers, and a lack of transportation, which have caused lower vaccination rates in some Black and Latino…

Like millions of others, he spent much of last week shivering in the cold darkness

“Not only did Cruz scapegoat his daughters for his grotesque selfishness, but when he returned home to repair his image — that is, hand out a few bottles of water and get a tongue bath from Fox News — he did so at the risk of others. Even the state of Texas has no Covid-19 restrictions for travelers, a sitting senator returning from another country should be setting a better example. Cruz could even have spent his quarantine time learning how to help his fellow Houstonians and Texans in need.” — Michael Arceneaux

Read Arceneaux’s story in its entirety below.

There comes a time when we can’t look the other way

“I am a Black woman. And, for me, these posts felt like a punch in the gut. They inferred that I mattered as a means of putting a candidate others…

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