Interview with Jared Feldman, CEO and Founder of Canvs, Pivot Conference 2015 Speaker

Marni Edelhart, Director of Content & Experience with Pivot Conference had a recent opportunity to catch up with PivotCon 2015 Speaker Jared Feldman, CEO and Founder of Canvs. During their chat, Jared shed light on social television analysis and insight while also highlighting his work from Canvs.

Jared is Founder and CEO of Canvs, a leading social media insights firm. Jared is a digital entrepreneur and social TV thought leader dedicated to pushing the boundaries of social media insights. Canvs officially launched in 2014 and has already become the industry’s standard for social television analysis. Leveraging Twitter TV content captured by Nielsen, Canvs is the only social TV insights platform to comprehensively measure audience reaction.

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