What we need is human centric Application Patterns

and why the ad serving giants can’t and won’t provide them

Have you noticed a change in the world lately? For the ones that grew up during, anything but the 00s, the world is now more connected, more exciting and richer in information and content than ever before.

Facebook and twitter streams, Google+ circles; One can interact more easily with anyone they like, sharing and posting information about the things of their choosing.

But in a time where everything is “out” in the open have you noticed that its difficult to celebrate your truly special moment, (the birth of a new child, the important professional or personal moment) or to preserve it for years to come among all this clutter of information overload?

Is it any easier today to share is among people and circles of friends or family that really matter to you, privately away from peeking ears and eyes?

And even more would you put all this valuable information, you produced and you should own, on a ad serving data mining platform, where the real customer is the advertiser and you are just the product?

Would you like to lock in your most precious moments to a closed walled garden? Would you like to watch the video of an important life moment of yours after an ad? Why?

We have already set these questions in a more canonical format at our previous post here “Four social media questions we asked ourselves” and the answers are disappointing. The short answer to why this is happening is that maybe, we don't have tools that guarantee the user’s full data ownership and that are also fun and easily available to use. And this is why we‘re building Momentum.IM. In order to give us tools that empower us to cherish, preserve and share with the people we really want, our special moments with privacy and no ads served or data mined.

But eventually the primary reason does not lay with an inability, or lack of imagination to create such tools. After all Google, Facebook and all these ad serving giants actually have exceptionally good UX designers, Computer Engineers, Tech evangelists and so on .

The problem lays with theirs ad serving data mining business model, generating application patterns that reduce people into ad clicking, data generating bots, in order to achieve sustainability.

This business model does not need, or even more it is prohibited, by an alternative Application Pattern, a pattern that it is Human centric, Human scale, that puts you in the center and does not see you as a data generation unit aggregated inside a giant swarm of people.

This is not going to change, all these giants are too entrenched to their current business models and the application patterns that they produce. They cannot change it since it will erode their basic premises, and their basic view of what their users want. And alarmingly it seems that everyone seems to try to take this path.

We at momentum, want to draw a clear path away from tools that employ a user experience that has as its main purpose to maximize data mining and ad serving possibilities, and do not have you as its real customer and user. We want to draw a clear path away from an application pattern that reduces people to ad clicking data generating bots.

We want to build an application pattern that give us, as people, our full potential, that treat us as humans not as data generating bots.

Stay tuned here and follow us at our blog in Medium (yes we still use some of these ad serving data mining platforms, for the time being that is☺)

In the next posts we will discuss how we are designing this application pattern and how it will be reflected on the Momentum.IM App.

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