Who we are

and why we are building momentum.im now

A lot of new ideas are on the rise, many innovative startups and the beginnings of a broader discussion around democracy on the web. We sure are living in exciting times, whether you’re a developer, designer or a techie.

Together we have the power to forge tools that shape the world that we live in. We can make it better, more connected, exciting, democratic and meaningful.

The internet and the social network services have now been well embedded in the fabric of our everyday life. But do we have, as users, the social networks, messaging apps, all the right tools for making our digital lifes meaninfgull, clutter free, and enriched, in a secure and private way?

A special moment for young peoples lives

Photo under permission from Nazareth College, https://flic.kr/p/bXYSyQ

Memories and special moments that we remember for years can be found easily within our minds. But these moments can’t be found with such ease in our current digital life (inside facebook or twitter) since they focus on the less important spammy perpetual updates. Even more how can you know what will happen to your moments, stored in a proprietary social network, in a period of 20 years?

Will your memories be cluttered with meaningless ads and commercials?

There’s no guarantee that these systems will protect our special moments for the future or even for our children. Would you be able to still cherish those moments, that possible define you, unobstructed?

Or trust them, to a closed set of people you really want, and not the social networks (facebook, twitter, etc) vast amount of “friends” and “followers”. The matter of fact is that we are giving away ownership of your own memories and information to be a part of these social networks.

The same special moment “enhanced” with an ad

A hypothesis on the future of our moments, based on a photo under permission from Nazareth College, https://flic.kr/p/bXYSyQ

What we need is tools that help us cherish, share and preserve our lives most precious moments with the people closest to us.

The future and the manner of how we share information about ourselves should belong to us.

We decided its about time to do something about it. We’re not alone on this path and there’re a lot of independent efforts towards this direction. While we don’t believe we have all the answers, we might actually have nailed a couple of them correctly.

We are a small team of freewill developers and designers based in Athens, Greece and Stockholm, Sweden. Call us volunteers, entrepreneurs, or tinkerers, but what really matters is that we’re passionate about changing the way that we share our data. We aren’t willing to succeed by selling your data, letting peeping eyes or ears into your online life. We are working in order to design and implement the simplest and most elegant way to control, share and own your life moments for years and generations to come.

We’re passionate to give your moments and memories back to you. It’s time to reclaim what’s truly ours.

Stay tuned for Momentum.IM, own your life, moments, memories.

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