Memphis is Reopening: Get Your Nonprofit Ready

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3 min readMay 4, 2020


Guidelines and Recommendations for Reopening

As you know, the City of Memphis, Shelby County, and the suburban municipalities have announced that we will enter Phase One of the Back to Business framework today. While we understand that some of you may be reopening your offices today, Momentum Nonprofit Partners staff will continue teleworking through at least June 1st and restrict access to our building to non-employees through the end of the year.

Below are guidelines and recommendations from the federal government, state government, and local government on reopening. The below guidelines are not exhaustive, and we encourage you to click the links to read the full list of guidelines and recommendations. We have also included our own recommendations for reopening your nonprofit.

Federal Guidelines

Continue to encourage telework, whenever possible and feasible with business operations

If possible, return to work in phases

Close common areas where personnel are likely to congregate and interact, and enforce strict social distancing guidelines

Minimize non-essential travel and adhere to CDC guidelines regarding isolation during travel

Provide special accommodations for personnel who are members of a vulnerable population

View the full Opening Up America plan here.

Additional State Recommendations

Actively encourage employees who are sick or have sick family members to stay home

Identify a workplace coordinator responsible for COVID-19 issues and workplace impacts

Assess where and how workers and customers might be exposed to COVID-19 on-site

Perform routine cleaning and disinfection, especially of high-touch surfaces (e.g., doorknobs, elevators, tables)

Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning

Educate employees about how they can reduce the spread of COVID-19 (e.g., avoid physical contact and face-touching, encourage use of personal hygiene such as regular hand washing)

Provide workers with personal protective equipment (e.g., face coverings, gloves) and make hand hygiene supplies widely available (e.g., hand sanitizer, washing stations)

Establish policies/practices for social distancing (e.g., staggered shifts, use of scheduling to influence customer flow)

Promote tap and pay to limit handling of cash; use online transactions whenever possible

View the Tennessee Pledge here.

Additional City and County Guidelines for Offices

Require face masks for all employees.

Require symptom checks for all employees.

Establish work arrangements by which employees are spaced at least six feet from one another

Do not share phones or headsets

View the City and County Back-To-Business Framework here.

Momentum’s Recommendations for Nonprofits

You are not mandated by the government to reopen today. Discuss your reopening timeline with your executive staff and board to create a plan for your organization.

Monitor the infection statistics of the city and state. Be proactive in closing if the infection rates increases — don’t wait for a government mandate.

Create more flexible guidelines for working remotely and paid time off.

Relax your dress code. Wearing a mask is uncomfortable. The rest of your staff’s wardrobe shouldn’t be.

Provide paid sick leave for all staff members.

Monitor your staff’s mental health and encourage self care.

Require all visitors entering your space to wear a mask or face covering. Where available, provide face coverings for your clients.

Mark off your floors and create routes for navigating the office, standing in line for services, bathroom use, etc.

Change your air filters more often than usual.



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