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Benjamin Hardy, I will tell you what my morning consist of:

  • 6:30 my 1.5 year old is climbing on me and takes me out of bed after a short 6 hour sleep.
  • I undress him, change his nappy, dress him up.
  • I sit him in a chair where he can’t get out in the bathroom and take my shower and brush my teeth, quickly shave.
  • That’s when my 4 year old usually wakes up. It’s about 6:45. She’s hungry and she needs to eat before going to the daycare.
  • I make food for her. I make food for the younger one. I swallow whatever is available for me.
  • It’s now about 7:15. The older one needs to start dressing up. It’s cold out there. She needs to dress up well. Meaning I have to dress her up well. It’s takes a good 15 mins. The other one is playing around us and we need to send him back to his mom who’s trying to get an extra 60 mins of sleep. It’s 7:30.
  • Mister young one gets out of the room and we’re on our way out but ot quite because he needs more attention and his mom is crawling out of the bed.
  • It’s about 7:45. We’re out. We have all the gloves, the hats, the rain jackets and pants, the older one is jumping on her bicycle and we’re headed to the day care.
  • We arrive there at 8:00. Time for me to go to work.
  1. So I get about 6 hours of sleep with frequent interruption
  2. I am praying everyday that this will stop
  3. I am carrying these 2 back and forth across the house to get stuffs done (hard activity)
  4. I consume WHATEVER is available because yeah right.
  5. I take a shower as hot as I can because I have no wish whatsoever to turn into an ice cube. I live in freaking Finland.
  6. I might read an uplifting story for the nth time to my kid, but usually in the evening not in the morning because we don’t have time for that.
  7. I review my life vision in my mind: see point 2.
  8. One thing towards long term goal: I take care of my kids the best so they’re happy which makes me happy.

It’s fantastic to find all these funny lists of things to do when you’ve only got yourself to take care of. But the whole planet isn’t 25 and doesn’t live in the Silicon valley.

Nice article anyway. I hope you still have time to write nice ones too once you get kids.